Professional Comedy Shows

Funny Guy Productions, LLC specializes in professional comedy shows for the purpose of raising money for non profit organizations and charities.  Comedian Dave Reilly is the funniest touring comedian in this specific industry!  He has over 30 years experience and every show is unique and no 2 shows are ever the same.   Improve with the audience and customized material for each organization is just the begining of the fun.  Just the right of spice to make is funny but never in bad taste or offensive.  Most shows run 1.5 to 2 hours and end in a standing ovation!


We take care of all the hard stuff!

Our experienced staff will assist you with marketing advice to help you sell the most amount of tickets as possible.  We even have our own in house print department for signs and banners.  On the night of the event we will supply sound, lights, backdrops, music, and staging!


Watch the last few minutes of Daves Fundraising Comedy Shows to see how the crowd reacts!

Comedy night fundraisers can be very succeful way of making money for a non profit or charity organization in CT, NJ, MA or PA with Funny Guy Productions Comedy Fundraiser company.  BUT if you choose the wrong comedy fundraising company and the wrong stand up comedian for your comedy fundraiser show, you could be in for a disaster of a comedy show.  You want to be sure that the comedian can handle a crowd of people that are NOT "comedy club people".  This means that if you get a "New York CITY or Boston" Comedian because you figure they are pros and do this for a living, guess what?  You will be disapointed because most comedy club comedians end up bombing hard at rural suberbia type comedy fundraiser nights.   Mrs Jones in Connecticut has no idea what is so funny about taxis, homeless people and subways.  Mrs Jones from rural NJ also does not want cutting edge comedy that targets younger kids.  She has been up to her neck in dirty diapers, car pooling and little lauge games for the past 6 months, she doesnt stay up to date on current trends because shes lucky if she can get 5 minutes alone to take a piss.  

You want a comedian like Dave Reilly who is a middle aged father of 2 (and recently a young grandpa!) who has been divorced, a single father and has lived in suberbia and he speaks the same language!  Not to metion he is a Gen X who relates to Boomers and can share his point of view fith other people of these generations.  Dave is also edgy enough to keep everyone belly laughing and has over 30 years experience with comedy fundraisers nationwide as well as having TV credits that include Fox, MTV, Radio and movie credits.  Dave is also a heavily requested corporate comedy comedian in Vegas and has played at Aria, MGM and The Venetian, just to name a few.  He has also played in 45 of our 50 states as well as 3 other countries.  

Comedian Dave Reilly has up to 4 hours of material that is all laugh out loud funny and is also an amazing imrov comedy professional.   The reviews and videos of Dave in action always show a standing ovation and nothing but the highest marks.  So you can find cheaper comedians and maybe you will make a few dollars more in the short term, but you will have to face all the paraents and audience members for months afterwards that will remidn you how much that cheap comedian sucked OR you hire comedian Dave Reilly for your next CT or NJ comedy night fundraiser and be reminded time and time again on what a great job you did with the event.  This will set you up for future succesful events and we have several other great comedians we represent that can be used in future comedy fundraisers with Funny Guy Productions.   

So give us a shout and lets book a comedian for your comedy fundraiser and lets help you look like a superstar and help your organization raise money with a comedy night fundraiser using our stand up comedians.

Call or TEXT us at 203-233-3242 and lets get you started

Hire a CT Comedian for comedy night fundraiser show!  Funniest comedian in CT is Comedian Dave Reilly!